African Centre for Clean Air

Derrick Njuba

Projects Lead

I am an Industrial Engineer and a Projects Lead with Africa Centre for Clean Air, and use the multiple engineering disciplines and implementation techniques of project management in the studies to reduce household air pollution generated from cooking with sustainable sources of solid fuels (briquette). I have also engaged in Understanding the impact of matatus mode of operations on their CO2 Emissions. Prior to joining Africa Centre for Clean Air [ACCA] in October 2022, prior worked at the Oil & Gas storage facility of Vivo Energy Uganda (VEU), where he managed the Health Risk Assessment Initiative & continuously worked to reduce exposure to the operations and community through interventions & mitigations (e.g. installation of automatic tank gauging systems, adoption for the use of the weighbridge, Vapor Recovery Systems, VRS). I am aware of the importance of air pollution and health-related issues, thus I have the understanding, expertise, training to support the implementation of the proposed research project successfully.