African Centre for Clean Air

Clean Air for Healthier Communities

African Centre for Clean Air (ACCA) applies multi-disciplinary participatory approaches in collaboration with actors in policy, businesses, communities and academia to co-design evidence informed solutions to tackle air pollution to protect people, the environment and create more livable spaces that support improved public health and wellbeing.

Air pollution accounts for nearly 7 million deaths annually globally and is responsible for 1.1 million deaths in Africa accounting for 16% of the global deaths.

Africa experiences some of the worst air pollution and some of the most severe health consequences relative to the rest of the world. In Africa air pollution is the second leading risk factor for deaths after malnutrition. Household air pollution accounts for 697 000 deaths and ambient air pollution for 394 000. The majority of deaths due to ambient air pollution are caused by non-communicable diseases such respiratory and heart diseases.

It is well documented that women and girls in Africa suffer disproportionately from continued dependence on polluting cooking technologies and fuels.

Our Impact

People exposure & socioeconomic assessments
Households fixed site and personal measurements
Schools and 60 communities Ambient air quality assessments & dissemination
Policy makers co-designing & translating evidence to policy
People sensitized globally